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Professional and Personal Information
Full CV pdf (updated 9/16/2016)
Frontiers of Test Validity Theory (updated 1/24/2015)
Publications (Updated 1/24/2019)
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Biographical Information (Updated 8/18/2011)
Latent Class Analysis (Updated 8/19/2011)
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Course Information
Doctoral Courses Course Title
CRJ U702 (Updated 1/8/00) Quantitative Methods I
CRJ U71300 (Updated 8/25/2005, was CRJ U70300) Quantitative Methods II
CRJ U80200 (SEM) (Updated 12/2/2009) Advanced Quantitative Methods: Structural Equation Modeling
CRJ U80200 (Measurement) (Created 7/12/2006) Advanced Quantitative Methods: Measurement Theory
EPSY U73000 (Updated 2/4/2018) Introduction to Psychometrics
EPSY U73100 (Updated 8/25/2017) Program Evaluation Research
PSYC U76000 (Updated 1/26/2011) Psychometric Methods
PSYC U77000 (Updated 8/22/2008) Training and Evaluation
PSYC U80103 (Updated 8/13/2010)
Program Evaluation
PSYC U86001 was PSYC 80103 (Updated 8/24/2020)
Structural Equation Modeling
PSYC U80103 (Created 1/26/2012)
Categorical Data Analysis
Masters Courses Course Title
PSY 769 (Updated 8/24/2020)
Intermediate Statistics in the Social Sciences
PSY 715 (Updated 8/25/2004) Research Design and Methods
PSY737 (Updated 1/26/2012) Descriptive and Statistical Data Analysis in the Behavioral Sciences (was originally PSY 823)
PSY791 (Updated 8/28/2003) Thesis Prospectus Seminar
PSY 811 (Created 4/6/2000) Research Design and Methods II
Undergraduate Courses Course Title
STA250 (Updated 6/2/1998) Principles and Methods of Statistics
PSY311 (Updated 8/21/2003) Experimental Psychology
Baruch College: PSY3065 (Updated 10/22/1997) Motivation
Baruch College: PSY3081 (Updated 5/23/1997) Cognitive Psychology
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Here are some organizations that I support:
City Harvest (NYC)
Southern Poverty Law Center 
Environmental Defense

These are some links that I use a lot.

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