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This file offers a rudimentary TrueType font containing two symbols:  stochastic dependence (in place of !) and stochastic independence (in place of @).

Implementing Some Basic Simulation Designs Using the simsem Package in R (version 3)
  This pdf document provides a tutorial for multiple-condition simulations.  Four R scripts accompany the tutorial.

Understanding Equations in Basic Statistics (version 2)
  This pdf document provides a tutorial on understanding equations for students new to statistics.

R in and Hour
  Use this link to download the most current version of the R script from my "R in and Hour" presentation. As the name suggests, this is a 1-hour basic introduction to using R for statistical data analysis.  This is version 5, updated 18 October 2021.  Among other things it now includes an expanded section on resources and advice for those new to R.

Bubble plot 3-way
  The bp3way function is an R function for drawing scatterplots of 3 continuous variables in which the third variable is indicated by the size of the dot. If you do not have R installed, get it from the Comprehensive R Archive Network. If you have R installed, you can simply download the files below. From the R console, open the file as an R script and run the entire file. Once you run the file, the associated function is available for use. If you save the workspace, the function will load with the workspace. Note that both files are text files and will open in a word processor or any other software for viewing text files in addition to R. For a detailed description of the bp3way function, see Markus & Gu (2010).

bp3way (version 3.2): This function facilitates easy plotting of 3-way bubble plots. The end of this script file contains help for the bp3way function. (version 5.1): This is a simple function for simulating data to test bp3way. This function is not needed to use bp3way but is offered as a convenience.

Example1     Example 2

Example 3      Example 4



Markus, K. A., Gu, W. (2010). Bubble plots as a model free graphical tool for continuous variables. In H. D. Vinod (Ed.), Advances in social science research using R (p. 65-94). New York: Springer.


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