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The MPA Program Advising and Career Center provides information about curricular and registration procedures, as well as links to career guidance resources.



Advising is available for students based on the nature of the question or problem involved. Usually the best approach is to email the person involved, and an appointment can be scheduled if needed. Students should consult the appriate advising link on this page.

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What to do and who to contact...

Office of Graduate Admissions

Course registration for new students
Follow the procedures in your admissions letter and attend the New Student Orientation

Course registration advising for continuing students Contact your specialization advisor
Course registration problems for continuing students
Course Overtallies
Qualifying Examination
See the MPAQE Student Guide, and access the MPA Student Center in Blackboard for information about exam scheduling, questions, and results. For additional information contact the MPAQE Coordinator, Professor Judy-Lynne Peters.
Specialization Selection Advising
Contact the Specialization Advisors - see table below
Specialization Declaration
Career Advising
Log in to the MPA Careers Page
and the MPA Student Center in Blackboard.
Specialization validation for graduation

Effective for February 2010 Graduation ... Contact the Specialization Advisors if a substitution is needed for your graduation - see table below

West Point Program

Program Deputy Director
Professor William Pammer

Program Administrator
Diana Neff

National Online MPA IG Program

Program Deputy Director
Professor Jay Hamilton

Program Administrator
Diana Neff

SaturdayMPA SaturdayMPA Coordinator
Professor Jeanne-Marie Col
Grade Appeals First contact your professor. If the issue cannot be resolved, contact
Office of Graduate Studies
which administers the grade appeal procedure.
Apply for Graduation
Obtain the form from OneStop and file it with OneStop.

Specialization Advising

Specialization advising is available for students in-person or online - within the MPA Student Center which you access through Blackboard.

Within the MPA Student Center there is a discussion formu for each specialization, where students can discuss with the specialization advisors issues such a career planning, and course scheduling.

The following table lists the specialization advisors.

MPA Track
MPA - Regular
Management and Operations
MPA - Regular
Human Resources Management
MPA - Regular
Criminal Justice Policy and Administration
MPA - Regular
Court Administration
MPA - Regular
Urban Affairs
MPA - Regular
Law and Public Management
MPA - Regular
Emergency Management
Investigation and Operational Inspection
Fiscal Policy Analysis and Oversight
Organizational Assessment and Monitoring
International Inspection and Oversight




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