An important goal of the MOS project is to encourage humanities professors around the country to create audio tours to enrich their own courses. Producing an audio tour—a tour that is not just a recorded lecture—requires a great deal of planning as well as some technical know-how. To share the knowledge and experience that our tour producers, evaluators, and consultants have acquired, the MOS project has compiled a tool kit and assembled wisdom papers from all participants.


Quick Tips and Equipment for Making an Audio Tour by Fritz Umbach (.pdf)

How to Write a Good Audio Tour by Patricia Licklider (.pdf)

Wisdom Papers

Introduction to Wisdom Papers, Bettina Carbonell (.pdf)

Finding Music and Background Sounds, by Pat Licklider. (.pdf)

Finding Objects, by Valerie Allen. (.pdf)

Writing About Objects, by Gavin Lewis (.pdf)

Getting Objects to Speak to Each Other, by Megan Elias. (.pdf)

Learning Your Tour’s Topic, by Ed Paulino. (.pdf)

Walking Tours and Audio Tours, by Carol Groneman. (.pdf)

Slow Looking and Audio Tours, by Jane Mushabac. (.pdf)

Urban Neighborhoods and Audio Tours, by Delia Mellis and Cindy Lobel (.pdf)

Museum Logistics and Audio Tours, by Jean Mills. (.pdf)