What's New
  • Csc80020: Computer Science Research, CUNY - Graduate Center, Fall 2017
  • FCM745: Network Forensics, D4CS Program, John Jay College, Fall 2017
Courses Taught
  • Graduate Courses:
    - Network Security and Forensics, Invited International Scholar Course Series, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, China, summer 2009, summer 2013
    - Advanced Computer Networks, Computer Science PhD Program, CUNY GC
    - Network Forensics, John Jay D4CS Master's Program
    - Network Security, John Jay D4CS Master's Program
  • Undergraduate Courses:
    - Computer Networks
    - Data Communication and the Internet
    - Object Oriented Programming
    - Discrete Mathematics
    - College Algebra
    - Introduction on Basic Mathematic Skills